Tumble Swede

Celebrating the New Nordic cuisine of the Pacific Northwest


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Ballard Seafood Fest
NW Market Street & Leary Way NW
Ballard, WA 98107


The vision of Scandinavian Distillery owner Lexi (Old Ballard Liquor Co.), Tumble Swede is a celebration of the Scandinavian culinary heritage of the Pacific Northwest. The best of the seasonal, local dishes that have been developed over generations of Swedish, Danish and Norwegian settlers are interpreted here through a Modern Nordic lens. It is an exciting experience that’s clearly Scandinavian but still distinctly Northwest.

What defines Nordic Cuisine? Pairing sweet and savory flavors together on the same plate is a common, while spices are used sparingly. Flavor is developed through technique, leaning heavily on simple preparations that let the quality of the ingredients shine. Super-fresh produce and seafood is enjoyed during the short Northern summers, while heavier, richer dishes feature smoked, pickled and fermented flavors for dark, cold winters.

What connection does Nordic food have with this area? Foraging made the most of every bite that the harsh Northern European landscape could offer, and when those early settlers arrived in the Pacific Northwest, they found a rich land with wild foods not unlike what they left back home. Thrifty and frugal to the end, our Scandinavian settlers quickly adapted old-world recipes to new-world ingredients. Northwest variations of traditional Scandinavian dishes can still be found in rural farming and fishing communities around Puget Sound, where they’ve been enjoyed for generations.

As a pop-up restaurant, we will be offering a new fixed menu for each iteration of Tumble Swede. We hope you enjoy the turning of the seasons as each new menu celebrates both the ingredients and the culture of seasonal New Nordic cuisine.


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